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By Mayo Clinic Staff

Comparisonitus, also called “why’s he got what I haven’t got” syndrome, causes bitterness, resentment, lack of focus, stagnant progress and decreasing goal completion symptoms. Unlike being lazy, comparisonitus, is a lack of movement caused by an allergic response to someone else’s success

Comparisonitus can make you miserable and affect your performance at work or school and interfere with ambition and drive. But you don’t have to put up with annoying symptoms. Learning how to avoid triggers and finding the right treatment can make a big difference.

Comparisonitus signs and symptoms usually start immediately after you are exposed to a specific kind of success you crave and can include:

– Envy

– Low self-esteem

– Depression

– Financial pressure

– Loss of motivation

– Decrease in meeting goals

During a process called sensitization your nervous system mistakenly identifies someone successful or happy as something harmful…

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Hawai’i time

I have been in Hawai’i for 4 days now (Kona area) I have 5 left. I am super bummed to know that half of my vacation here is almost done. Not complaining though as I have been to some amazing places and seen some incredible sights so far. Not to mention the running. Every morning so far I have run through the resort along the walkway adjacent to the ocean and on the second day I ran down to the Queen K highway when it was 87 degrees and 90% humidity. I now know for sure that I don’t do well with humidity. Having the lava on one side of the road made me see how the Ironman athletes feel during their run segment, which is right down the road from here. Tomorrow I am heading down to do the entire horseshoe road from one side of the highway to the other, about 11 miles. Hopefully I feel well, I will take water and some nutrition. But for now…




























Sedona May 2014

I an here in my second hometown of Sedona, Arizona with my family for one of our yearly trips where we enjoy getting out of the heat and city for a few days. Didn’t stay a week this time but when we leave tomorrow it will be 4 days which has even nice. I had plans to get a lot of running done while here but it didn’t quite work out as planned due to the Slide Fire. The morning gave been so smoke filled that it is hard to breathe normally let alone while trying to run the hills up here. Plus all of my favorite trails are closed by the US Forest service as a fire precaution. The smoke dissipates in the afternoons and that is when I have been running instead of the mornings. I had plans to run doubles on Saturday and Sunday but I only got a single yesterday and got nothing in today as I spent most of the afternoon with my kids and wife. I did take a swim in the ice cold Oak Creek after running yesterday and that was great. I am going to pray that the smoke umbrella lifts tonight and I can run tomorrow morning before we leave but I am not holding my breath. Fire fighters said that at night the colder air comes down the canyon from Flagstaff and it sits on top of the warmer Sedona air trapping the smoke underneath.
Tried to go eat at our favorite restaurant, The Hideaway, only to find out it is no longer there as the building owner kicked them out to start his own restaurant. What a dick. They had been there since 1978.
We went to Jerome yesterday for a few hours. That is a tripped out town. Tried to go yo the Puscifer store but both times we went up there we found a note in the door saying they were at lunch. Oh well. I also discovered while up there that the Northern Arizona wines are the favorite drink of Arizona hipsters. I couldn’t believe the angst and cooler-that-you attitudes I could feel through the windows as we walked by. I used to think that I could be a wine drinker but not if I have to act and feel like them. Actually I am becoming less and less of a beer drinker. Don’t like the way I feel after having just a few beers. Yep, I am getting older. 10 days from now I will be in Hawaii for 9 days. I am looking forward to that but nervous about finding places near the resort in Kona to get in 10-15 mile runs. Yeah I know, go run the Ironman route. Maybe. As I sit here on the patio I see the long shadows drifting in across the canyon and it’s tree canopy. Guess that means it is getting close to time for the nightly trip to the pool/hot tub/game room. J always miss leaving here, I think the countless memories if spending so much time here with my grandparents at their house gets to me. Turning on KAZM radio for Wolfman Jack and a quiet enjoyable night. Thanks for reading.




























Reach 11 trail

In between my daughters soccer games a few weeks ago, I ran the trail that goes behind the Reach 11 recreation area. To the east the trail goes under the 101 and 51 freeways winding through desert terrain until it ends near the Mayo clinic. You can continue on from that trailhead on the streets or other unofficial trails but I turn around there. The trail is pretty flat packed dirt with desert vegetation all around, some areas have nice spots of shade from trees and large shrubbery. It us a nice run that isn’t very well travelled but I did see a few other runners and a few bikers.







It’s May?

Wow time is flying by it seems.  My grandfather used to tell me that as you get older time goes by so much faster due to your point of reference.  As you are younger there have been less days in your life so time will appear to go by slower and as you age it increases.  Don’t know if that is accurate, but since grandpa said it I believe it.  

Once again I applied for Soulstice Mountain and got in.  I am really excited about it, I had thoughts of not entering the lottery and leaving that spot for a local to get, but by the looks of things there are less locals getting in and more out of towners getting in as word of this great race spreads.  I am also giving consideration to entering the Flagstaff Marathon, 26+ miles at an average altitude of 9450 feet.  And a lot of climbing.  And at times, a very technical trail.  Sounds like fun, where to do sign up?

Also giving thought to entering and seeing what the Mountain running/Sky running championships have to offer, except my butt getting kicked.


What is a post without pictures?



I really like this Hood Internet mashup.

Stepping out and writing my story.

Things at my work have been in upheaval for the past few months, we have pretty much been placed in a bag and shaken with the parts falling where they may.  Long story short, my supervisors and friends to boot were performing a task that some people felt violated policy and even law.  They were placed on leave pending an investigation and those of us who were left have been trying to wade through the much ever since.  For the past few months I have dreaded going to work feeling like it was the worst task I could have.  In fact I was looking forward to missing work to go to the dentist to have my teeth worked on a few times in the past few weeks.

Fast forward to the last few weeks there has been some direction and light shed on all of us and instead of taking the “this still sucks” approach I have been looking at this as a new opportunity with great opportunity and possible reward for me.  I am going way outside of my normal comfort levels and applying for jobs well above where I would have imagined in the past.  And you know what?  I get the feel from those who would be doing the hiring that I have a decent shot at getting hired pending the interviews.  I really think that changing my thinking and attitude has made these opportunities possible for me.  Open doors and fresh horizons instead of another disappointment and failed interviews.  2 different worlds.

In many ways I am taking this approach to my physical activities as well.  I am starting to look differently at my running, working out and self care as well.  There is a great big world of opportunity and chance out there and only I can write my own story, and that is what I am setting out to do.   I have to take chances to make chances, and that is not who I am wired to be but it is who I am trying to rewire myself to being.  I am not trying to put the cart in front of the horse or anything, but trying to be realistic and optimistic.  Fingers crossed and positive vibes.  Oh yeah, some yoga too.

And here are the obligatory photos.















Bryan and ASU quarterback Taylor Kelly.

Bryan and ASU quarterback Taylor Kelly.


The tunnel to the ASU locker room. The Tillman tunnel.






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