Still hurtin’

I have decided that I have picked the absolute worst time to start running again after an injury. What time is that do you ask? Summer in Phoenix. It has been over 110 for almost 10 days now, but there is relief in sight, it is only supposed to be 109 then 108 before going back up just in time for the weekend. So not only am I dealing with trying to regain my fitness and form, I have to deal with the heat. Even when one ventures out at 5 AM here, it is still close to 80-85 degrees. At least in the early AM the sun is not beating down on you. The direct sunlight just intensifies everything 10 fold.
I would much rather live somewhere that does not get so hot but has a good deal of snow and clod weather. Those you can make arrangements for, the heat? Well I guess you can wear no shirt and a visor, but that is about it. With the advancements in technology there are plenty of thin, lightweight clothes out there that will keep your core temperature up even when it is below zero outside.

I recently read some of Dr. Daniels work on running in the heat. If I recall correctly, running at 90 degrees as opposed to 55 degrees adds somewhere along the lines of 20 seconds per mile to your time. I need to run more frequently with my HRM so I don’t drop dead here pushing too hard in the heat without proper fitness. As for my injury, it now appears that I did not have sciatic nerve damage, nor Piriformis Syndrome
. The popular diagnosis now if that I have Sacroiliac joint inflammation.

I have been doing my stretches, and exercises. Some days I feel great and pain/discomfort free. Other days (like this morning) I feel like walking across the room is a painful exercise in self mutilation.

Some upcoming events:

There is a 10K, 5K and mile fun run in Prescott on the Fourth of July. It is run in tandem with the Frontier Days Rodeo.

There is the BBBS of Flagstaff “Run For The Magic” Half Marathon and 5K Race on August 9th @ 7 AM.

There is the Arizona Road Racers I-Did-A-Run 10K, 5K and 1-Mile Fun Run on September 14th @ 715 AM.

My target race this year is still the Denver Marathon, as long as I can keep trying to chop away at the miles and get my fitness back, I will be there. If not…I don’t know. Maybe it is time to take up biking or swimming. Perhaps my body is trying to force me into training for a triathlon.

As for the P.F. Changs marathon training. This years training program will be in Vistancia if there is enough interest. However, if t eh registration is coming mainly from people out of the Vistancia area, the training will be moved somewhere more central in Peoria or Glendale. For more info send us an e-mail:

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