New IMS marathon

I recently received an e-mail telling me about a new marathon that will be run in the West Valley. It is called the IMS Arizona Marathon scheduled for February 15, 2009. for some time now I have felt that the West side of town needed some new races as there is a good base of runners out here, and maybe I will be wrong but the route this race is to be run on does not inspire me to jump up and register. There will be plenty of open fields and vacant lots to look at as you go by. And by open fields I don’t mean pristine, beautiful desert either. I mean vacant lots with scrub and dying vegetation. But it does end at Westgate which could be kinda cool, especially if they are able to get the finish in the Cardinals stadium or in the Coyotes arena.

I know that the views are not reason to run a race and I am sure that this race will do well; perhaps I may even run it next year (maybe as training run for the Sedona Marathon) 2010 as I still have my ban on running first year events (too many experiences with being a first year race guinea pig).

So, if this sounds like something you would like to try or you want to check it out for yourself go to, and if you are one of the first 500 to register you will get the 2 for 1 special (as long as you know someone who will run with you).

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2 responses to “New IMS marathon

  • wanderingjustin

    I have to say, the scenery on this course was better than I expected.

  • RunFar Az

    I heard from several people that ran it that the scenery was not that bad if you were focused on the run. A few people who were struggling for various reasons said that the lack of scenery and course support hurt them in terms of mentally getting back in the flow. I dont know anyone who hit their projected times, dont know what that is due to. With that said congratulations to everyone who completed this event, job well done!

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