I am a slacker.

I am a slacker, not Geb pictured above…

I have not seen very much about this in any mainstream media, so in case you were not aware the world record for the marathon was again broken by Haile Gebrselassie at the Berlin Marathon. Geb smashed his old marathon world record by 27 seconds as he took advantage of excellent conditions on a flat course to finish in 2 hours, 3 minutes, 59 seconds. Despite an ailing calf he shattered the mark he set in Berlin last year and became the first man to win this race three times.
In the women’s race, Irina Mikitenko of Germany won in 2:19:19. She improved her personal best by more than four minutes to record the seventh fastest time for a woman.

So if you can travel and want to hit a flat fast marathon, then Berlin it is!

As for me, my training for the past week has been marginal at best. I did very well up to Wednesday when I had a good 5 miler in the semi-dark morning (gotta keep alert for the coyotes and javalenias now that the sun is coming up later) and I made the core work class at 10 AM all before heading down to the first day of a three day conference put on by the Annie E. Casey foundation at the Phoenix Hyatt. Then the wheels fell off. Thursday I was worried about being late so I did not run in the morning, was late getting home (it took 1 hour 15 minutes to get home from there!) and was tired from a day of conferencing and driving. It would have been a great end to the day by going for a run but decided to stay inside and would instead run in the morning even though Friday was a scheduled rest day. The Hanson’s program is so different from a traditional American marathon plan. I think I like the Hanson’s program better, but since this is the plan my physical therapist is doing, I will stick with it as best I can. I need to really wrap my head around training and stop with the “I just want to finish with no back pain”, and focus on getting some quality runs in.

What do you think happened Friday morning? The alarm did not get me up and I overslept, creating a mad dash to get dressed and out the door so I would not be late to the conference. Again getting home tired and crabby I did not want to run, I can do my long run tomorrow and be alright. So, Saturday I woke up and my wife was already out running. When she got back we only had an hour before my son’s soccer game. After that we had promised to take the kids to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua, then we had dinner scheduled at my mothers house. So, I will run on Sunday.
Sunday came and left with no sign of a run out of me but I did get a lot of cleaning and yard work done. And the Broncos won again!

Run today? Well when the smoke detector decides to alert you that it’s batteries are going dead by producing a 150 decibel chirp every 45 seconds you know that it is 2:45 in the morning. After getting the new battery placed in the detector, I was not able to fall back to sleep until about 430…the time I get up to run. So when the kids woke us up it was time to get ready to run out the door to work. Now I could lie and say that I will run tonight, but with Lyndsey working late on Mondays that is not a possibility. I didn’t think that I would miss the treadmill so much, but it was so very handy. I really need to save up for a new one. Maybe if I am lucky I will be able to cut out early and go home for a run, pick up my daughter, then drive back into town to get my son (late edit-it didn’t happen). It will be a lot of miles on the gas friendly Suburban, but it is the only way I will get a run in today. I really need to get my head into my runs. With Sedona coming up in two weeks I would love to hit a few 10-13 milers up there. When I am doing well with my running I feel like I can run all day up there. With a good two weeks running I should be fine by the time I hit the red rocks.

Until next time!

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