My humor is unappreciated…

I am slowly starting to realize that to most of society, my sense of humor may as well be spoken in a foreign language that disappeared from the earth 2000 years ago. The first example of that was a few months ago at work. I finished up the work newsletter, formatted it into an Adobe PDF file (as I do every month), and emailed it to the two offices I do community partnerships for. In the e-mail I stated that I would be looking to hire someone to be a paperboy and deliver the newsletter in the future. That went over about as well as a ban on glow sticks at a rave. In fact several people were seriously confused over the matter.

So, fast-forward to today. I was at Home Depot to get a new aerator for my kitchen sink as I poked a hole in the one currently sitting in the faucet. While wandering through the store a very helpful gentleman asked if he could assist me (on a side note, I have never been in a store where every single employee I was within 15 feet of said “good morning” and/or “how can I help you?” It was almost scary). I told the dude what I needed and he walked me right over to where they were hanging on the wall. We found the one I needed and I made a comment about the packaging saying that it was a 1.5 gallon per minute aerator. The sales guy said that it was a water wise Eco friendly unit. I asked if there was an aerator that put out more than 1.5 gallons per minute. This seemed to perplex him, and he obviously was not ready for my next question. He told me that 1.5 GPM was the industry standard. I then asked him if there is a place to find black-market faucet replacement parts, because if there is a 3 gallon per minute version I could really go for something like that. The only response I received was a blank stare. No verbal response, nothing. I don’t know if I came across as an eco terrorist or what, but this guy did not find my Seinfeldesque attempt at humor as being witty. My guess is that security tracked me on camera all the way to my Suburban (It has flex-fuel. It can be Eco friendly).
It was then that reality dawned on me and I realized that my humor escapes the masses. It’s a shame because there is a real party going on in my head.

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