Getting close…

It is getting close. Less than 30 days until the San Diego RNR!!! I am not really where I want to be training wise, but am ahead of where I thought I would be just a few weeks ago. It’s going to be hard training this week as the low temperature is going to be in the low to mid 70’s, with highs over 100. At least San Diego will be low of about 65 and a high of about 72. Perfect. I really wish that I could move my family there, but it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Or Colorado or Northern Arizona (anywhere cooler than this blast furnace which doesn’t even get the awesome monsoon storms in the summer anymore due to ambient temperature being higher due to so much concrete and steel from buildings, parking lots, etc. Plus wind flow has been altered over the last 20 years by construction. But that is a topic for the “Build Far Arizona blog). And yes I know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

When I get to 2 weeks out from the race I am going to cut my caffeine consumption down to zero. Hopefully I will be able to maintain proper hydration and relax the strain on my Central Nervous System which should lead to more recovery and a heightened sense of relaxation prior to the race. I have decided to wear the Saucony Pro Grid Paramount shoes for the marathon. They are feeling by and far superior to the Asics Gel Kinetic (either pair). The Black and grey Kinetics seem to be stiffer and less cushioned than the red and white pair, so they are being relegated to shorter runs and weekend wear. I really like they looks of the shoes, but it is the performance that counts. Also, why is it that every pair of Asics I have doesn’t keep small rocks, sand, pebbles, etc. from getting in them? I tie them as tight as I can stand if I know I will be running in the desert areas, but still, every time I get rocks and san din them. It is a real pain.

My desert running areas are being taken away, bit by bit. First the Loop 303 Freeway is being extended out past Vistancia which will take it right across one of my favorite areas; I can already see the tractors and front loaders getting closer and closer. So I won’t be able to run through there during the very, very lengthy construction process and once it is done there will be a freeway going right through it. Secondly there is a lot of land out that way which is owned by a rancher. He is apparently getting annoyed by the ATC drivers who are destroying the area with their vehicles as well as leaving trash all over out there (mostly beer cans and bottles). So the not so Jolly Rancher has fenced and gated a lot of his land for the horses and cows, but these jokers keep breaking the locks and chains so they can get their ATC through there. Now he is going to improve the gates and fences around the areas as well as get the police more involved out there and get private security on the weekends. I hope they don’t kick me out, but it is marked no trespassing so who knows.

I would really like to get more involved with the FCA Endurance group out here, but have not had the opportunity to get out with them to train. Plus a lot of what the local group does seems to be triathlon related which I am not up to…yet.

Speaking of triathlons, you can really see the influence of the new ownership of Elite Racing and their preference towards tri’s. On the San Diego Rock And Roll Marathon website there is a listing of the triathlon groups with the highest numbers of members registered for the race. Not running or marathon groups, but tri groups. They are also giving away Garmin GPS units in a contest, but they are the new waterproof model that is designed for triathletes. Lastly they are going to change the San Diego course next year to include a half marathon and possibly a 10K in order to run a concurrent triathlon that will use the marathon course for the run portion of the tri. It will be interesting to see how the other rock and roll events will be altered to include triathlons with or in them. The expo will be interesting too. I want to see how many running exhibitors there will be compared to triathlon exhibitions. To me it is sad to see the wholesale changes to the San Diego race as it was the first RNR event and has always been a full marathon only. How does that song go…If I could keep time (catch time?) in a bottle…or something like that. Oh well.

Here are some upcoming races in the Phoenix area…

5-30-09 Devons run 5K

6-3-09 First Annual National Running day!!!

6-6-09 Run for the creeks 7 and 3 mile races. Prescott AZ.

6-20-09 Gaspin’ in the Aspen 15K and 5K Flagstaff AZ

8-9-09 Oraivi 8K Footrace and 2 Mile Fun Run and Walk Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Reservation Oraivi, AZ Juwan Nuvayokva 928-738-0163

9-6-09 The 39th Annual Jerome Hill Climb (bring your oxygen mask).

9-26-09 Flagstaff Marathon Very beautiful, elevational difficulty = +7

One last thing. I picked up a Garmin 405 with the heart rate monitor at REI for $259 and it has a $50 mail in rebate right now. I really like it, but the touch bezel takes some real getting used to. More on the 405 to come…

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