Recovery nutrition advice

I came across a very good article from Colorado Premier Training about their 6 tips for recovery nutrition.  A lot of it is fairly common sense for anyone who has been training for a while, such as getting fuel in your system right after training or racing, same with taking in adequate fluids during your racing and training.  Everyone could use a little refresher course every now and then.  Here are their 6 tip categories.

#1 – Failing to prioritize recovery nutrition by socializing after a race or packing gear/bike away resulting in delayed feeding.

#2 – Inadequate fluid consumption to replace sweat losses and allow for optimal glycogen replenishment.

#3 – Using the excuse of a hard effort to fill up on high fat junk foods and empty calories.  (I am very guilty of this one)

#4 – More than enough is not better than enough.

#5 – Overconsuming protein in the false belief that muscles require excessive quantities following exercise.

#6 – Following recovery nutrition guidelines for only the first meal after exercise.

For all of the info jump the link!

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One response to “Recovery nutrition advice

  • Paul Both

    Thanks for posting this! I love the graphic… isn’t that the truth! Nutrition is the hardest part for me. After working with my coach for the last couple of months, I realize that 1. I don’t eat enough. 2. I don’t hydrate enough. 3. I definitely don’t eat enough protein. 4. I eat way TOO much peanut butter, but that’s a whole other problem..

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