The best made plans often…

go to crap.  Lyndsey and I decided to start training and then we would pick a destination race for us to go to and enjoy the destination as much as the race.  One of her feet has been giving her some mild discomfort for a while now but it hasn’t been bad enough to stop her training or cause real pain.  On Sunday she woke up and couldn’t put any real weight on it.  No doctor was open so she went to urgent care, when the genius doctor told her that she had gout, despite her not having any symptoms of gout.  She finally saw her PCP Monday and he referred her to a foot specialist whom she saw today.  The initial prognosis was not what we wanted to hear.  According to the foot doctor she has something under the ball of her foot that shows up in x-ray but he has no idea what it is as he had never seen anything like it.  It could be something like a piece of glass stuck under there, but there is no scar tissue around that area.  Most likely it is some form of a tumor growing in there.  She has a follow-up in a week to see if the pain goes away, if not surgery is the option.  Medication was provided for something or other, I can’t recall, I hope that it helps her out.  She was told that she could bike, but only if she doesn’t put any weight on her forefoot.  That could make for some strange cycling.

Then the guy says that once this is cleared up and she can resume running, he will show her the correct way to run.  Oh really I thought.  I wonder if he will try to show her POSE or Chi Running techniques.  Guess it couldn’t hurt, I will tell her if he is being a quack.  Not everyone is blessed with perfect footstrike like I am!!!

One of my friends has a brother who is going through his second bout with brain cancer.  Some of his law enforcement buddies have organized a run to help him out, they will be doing Grandma’s marathon in Duluth this June.  I may go do it as my destination race this year.  There is a facebook group called Running for Ryan.  They are accepting donations, but it seems like the real reason is to show support and share info on Ryan.  If you are on facebook become a fan, it wont cost you anything and will make Ryan, his family and friends  happy.

Running for Ryan on Facebook

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