Best/newest marathon recovery aid…cherries?

According to a story over at Science Daily a new study performed at Northumbria University (where on earth is that?) found that participants in the London Marathon who were given a tart cherry juice for 5 days before the race and for 2 days after recovered faster than the control group that had a placebo.  According to the study inflammation and oxidative stress were lower in the cherry juice group and their recovery was quicker as well.

The study found that the reductions in inflammation and oxidative stress were great enough to show significant improvement in recovery and strength building.  The study made no mention of other parts of the runners diets, say for example…protein intake and other fluids they drank.  I am guessing that both groups had similar diets and fluids.

I dont know how well this works in the real world, but I just may pick up some cherry juice when my training volume starts to peak.

Want to read the story???  Well then, click here!

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