Boycott Arizona???

OK, I kinda get the entire boycott Arizona thing, except that the groups calling for boycotts are the same groups that are busing in hundreds of people a week to fill in the protest…doesn’t that seem counter intuitive? So it hasn’t taken long but now there are calls for people to boycott the P.F. Chang’s Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon and the Ironman Arizona.  The RnR Arizona folks are calling for the race to be moved to New Mexico or California, and the Ironman boycott folks are calling for an outright boycott.  I tried to start an intelligent discussion on both of the events Facebook pages asking how many people who are up in arms about the new law have even read the law, as opposed to people who are opposed to it based on what they hear, read and ingest from the media which is so unbiased and straight forward.  Both got my posts deleted and the comments calling me a racist and Nazi are still there.  I would post links but I don’t want to glorify their pages.

I really don’t care if you are for it, or against, it, but I do care if you are informed before yelling about it.  I feel this way about any topic.  If you are uninformed, then don’t protest, and certainly don’t vote.  Here’s is a picture my friend Paul posted as he runs across the U.S. in the name of Liberty-real liberty.

Yeah all the way from Orange County, California (Hey Ryan!) to the Statue of Liberty.  Here is his facebook page. Dude is so hardcore about his cause that he ran over 2000 miles in the same pair of Vibrams…that is bad-ass!  Those shoes should be on the wall in their headquarters.

This sums it up.

Thanks for posting this Paul!

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One response to “Boycott Arizona???

  • Paul Both

    Thank you for posting this Bryan. I think you hit the nail on the head! I wonder how many people actually know what the law is before having an opinion on it. I have withheld my views on the matter until I know exactly what the law empowers officials to do. I believe this is key.
    I will say, the beauty of the 10th amendment is that it allows states to act independant of Federal Government. So if it proves to be a wise law, then Arizona will prosper and if it doesn’t, the opposite will happen. Free markets in action. In any event, thank you for the great post from someone who lives in Arizona.
    I look forward to having a beer and a run with you again, next time I am in Arizona.

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