Boulder Marathon postponed

If you were one of the people planning on running the Boulder Marathon, then you are probabley aware of what a toll the Fourmile Fire placed on the city and community.  Because of that the race has been postponed until further notice.  Here is a copy of the letter sent out by the director.

Dear Boulder Marathon Runner,

I just returned from a meeting with the Boulder Reservoir manager and received an update on the situation with the 4 Mile Fire. It now appears to be extremely unlikely that the Boulder Marathon event will happen at the reservoir next weekend.

The 4 Mile Fire has taken its toll on city of Boulder and Boulder County employees. All city and county resources have been stretched as a result of the fire. These city and county employees have worked long, hard hours fighting the most destructive fire in the history of the state. And though the fire is finally contained, there’s still much work to be done by the fire crews. The Boulder Reservoir is currently housing 1,000 firefighters in a “tent city”, and it’s obvious at this point that many of these people will still be housed at the reservoir at the end of this week.

While a postponement date will not be announced until tomorrow or Tuesday, I want our out of state runners to know the straight scoop on this situation as soon as possible. I know many of you need to deal with travel complications as a result of this situation.

Our staff feels badly for our out of state runners who’ve committed to running the race – some of whom may not be able to attend a postponed event. I know our runners understand that there’s nothing our staff can do about this situation, but we know many of you will be disappointed nonetheless. The Boulder Marathon will send the race shirt, hat and medal to all out of state runners who can’t attend a postponed race.

I plan on meeting with Boulder and Boulder County officials tomorrow to discuss our options as far as a postponement date. The rescheduled race will still be a fantastic event, and I’ll keep you up to date on all further developments.

Thank you for your time, and look for another email tomorrow…


Jeff Mason
Race Director,
Boulder Marathon, Half Marathon & 10 Kilometer

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