Sports medicine quackery

If you were not aware, the NY Times frequently has some very well written articles related to endurance sports training, nutrition, psychology and the like.  Today on the front of their website is a nice little article about modern sports medicine.  My favorite part of the article is this:  “Is sports medicine a science, something that really pays attention to evidence? Or is it a boutique industry where you have a product and sell it?” I can tell you that in the Phoenix area sports medicine and physical therapists who focus on sports injuries are popping up everywhere, almost as fast as Circle K’s or the “We buy gold” hacks. If you need treatment, do some research and read reviews.  Often times it will be better for your wallet, calendar, and body to skip the place closest to you and drive a few more miles to someone who has a proven track record.


If you would like to read it all for yourself, click here!

On the running/racing front I came across a link yesterday for a half marathon on New Years Eve in Palm Springs/Indian Wells.  Looks like the wife and I may need a babysitter!  And oh yeah, bottomless mimosas at the finish line!

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