Flagstaff how I miss thee…

We were in Flagstaff for the weekend as my daughters soccer team was playing in a tournament up there and I did not want to come back as it was as near a perfect weekend as there could be-despite the team not winning or placing in the tournament.  The weather was perfect, we ate at some new and delicious places (Diablo Burger) and the hotel was very nice for Flagstaff standards.  Despite trolling the known hangouts, I did not have a Ryan Hall sighting.

Saturday morning I got up early and ran on the Flagstaff Urban Trail System route that started right outside the door of our hotel.  It took me down to the fairgrounds and back, so with a little exploring and a quick detour where I took the wrong trail I ended up at just under 7 miles.  It was a gorgeous run, I am kicking myself for not taking my camera or phone with me to get some pictures.  Now I need to concentrate on getting 12 miles done at that altitude and terrain in the next 4 weeks for the Soulstice Mountain run.  I think I can do it with plenty og longer slower than race pace runs with some TRX mixed in.

I cant remember the name of the natural foods place we stopped and shopped at but it was cool.  All in all, Flagstaff has a great vibe for people who like to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer.  I can foresee a move there in the next 12-18 months.

It was a quick but very full weekend.  See you in a month Flagstaff!  Here are some pictures I did manage to get.



This was on the Arizona Cardinals main practice field just before we got kicked off.

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