I did it…

I am finally an iPhone owner/user.  I put it off for as long as I could but finally caved into the hype and got a 4S last Thursday.   did I wait in line for hours to get it?  No.  On a whim my wife stopped by the Verizon store by our house on her way home from work and they had every storage size in both colors available. 10 minutes later I was an iPhone owner.

I was against getting one for a few reasons, mostly I didn’t want to own the same phone that everyone else has.  On a daily basis you see people from 12 to 70 carrying around their iPhones, yet I hardly ever saw anyone with the same android phone I had.  When my wife and I were having dinner in Flagstaff a few weeks ago even she noted that almost everyone in the restaurant was using an iPhone. I was also against the inability to customize the iPhone anywhere near what can be done with an android phone.  I also liked the open source platform of android apps, not to mention how the exact same app on both devices is often a fraction of the itunes price if not free.

I also miss the larger screen my Droid had.  4.3 inches compared to 3.5 seems like getting in a Mini Cooper after being in a Suburban.  But I am getting used to it.  Watching movies and playing games on a screen as small as what the droid had probably wasn’t very good for my eyes anyway.  I do understand Apples thoughts on the 3.5 screen (supposedly). From what I read on a few different sites lately, Apple likes that size as the average universal user can hold the phone in one hand and reach the entire touch screen with their thumb to activate an app.  Makes sense. Plus some of these monstrous phones don’t exactly fit well in a front pants pocket.

I do really like the feel of the iPhone, I like iTunes, and I do like the general interface and functionality of the device.  It is nice to open an GPS enabled app and have the GPS lock on in a few seconds instead of anywhere from 15-60 seconds as the Droid did.  It is also nice to open Pandora and have the music start right away not 30-120 seconds later.

I do wonder if I should have waited for a 4G device as the Verizon 3G speed here can often be very, very slow while the 4G speeds are some of the fastest seen in Arizona.  How slow is the 3g?   Often/usually less than 1 Mbps slow.   I told you.

I think that Siri is cool, but a total niche app that will lose its luster very shortly.  It is already annoying to see people walking around asking their phone what time it is, what the weather forecast is, score of the game, why there aren’t more pink cars manufactured, etc.  I have used it twice for a real purpose and that was to send text messages while driving.  For that it did its job.

So I guess everything is in balance in my home now.  After factoring in my 27 inch iMac, iPad 2, 13 inch Macbook Air, wife’s iPhone, kids ipod touches, both of our running iPod shuffles, it makes sense.  Wow, we have become the Mac family when just a few years ago I almost refused to use their computers or devices.  Wisdom comes with age I guess.

I havent messed around with the pictures too much yet but that will come.  I shot some challenging video (sat in shade while filming soccer that was moving between sun and shade) and will upload that to youtube soon to see what it looks like.  Here is a photo I grabbed Saturday.

Its not too bad.  Well its getting late and I haven’t gone running yet so I had better cut this short.

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I am a guy who loves to run marathons, and has been gifted with exceptionally slow genes which makes for mid pack finishes in races. If I don't run I become an unbalanced manic fool, so yes...running is my prozac. I believe that the key to a happy productive life is balance. Balance in all areas of your life. If one area is out of balance, all others go out of balance. Come back often as I love to see the hit counter go up!!! View all posts by runfaraz

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