What to drink during a marathon

I know that many people put in countless hours and burn a lot of brain energy trying to figure out the perfect fueling combination during a marathon. Which products to use are also a big sticking point, so I was happy to see someone as well known and respected as Alicia Shay write a piece for the Run Smart Project telling people to avoid gatorade.  I have been telling people for years not to drink gatorade for the same reasons she lays out in her writings.  And many races are using the Gatorade Endurance formula which has even more fructose in it. Also-dont forget to look at the gels you are using.


My new personal favorite?  Gleukos. Amazon has a great deal on Gleukos now where it is autoshipped at an interval you choose, you get free shipping, and the price decreases for using auto ship.  If you have ever thought about trying it, I say don’t hesitate.

Oh, the original article?  It can be found HERE>>>>>>


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