Strong hips=strong runners

One area that many people don’t look at or focus on when training are the hips.  I found out the hard and painful way of what can happen when your hips are not strong enough for the loads you are placing on them with higher mileage and strength training.  When I came acorss these tips from ASICS I thought that they were good and should be shared.

You’ll hear many runners grumble about their knees as their most injury-prone area. But many running injuries, including knee issues, are actually the result of weak hips. To help keep your hips in shape and reduce your risk of injury, practice these simple exercises a few times a week.

Lateral leg raises. Lie on your right side with a resistance band around your ankles. You can rest on your elbow, but keep your lower body—from your hip to your ankle—in contact with the floor. Keeping your core muscles tight, lift your left leg about 45 degrees in a controlled, smooth manner—then lower it. Start with a set of 10 reps per side and progress to two or three sets of 10–12 reps on each side.

Hip hikes. Stand on your right leg with your pelvis in a neutral position, then drop the left side of your pelvis so it’s a few inches below your right hip. Using your right hip muscle, lift your left hip back to the neutral position. Start with one set of 10 reps per side and work your way up to three sets on each side.

Pistol squats. These one-legged squats help you strengthen your hips as well as glutes and quads.  Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and your arms out in front of you. Raise your left leg out in front while maintaining a straight knee. Keep your hips level as you lower into a squat with a slow and controlled motion, making sure your knee doesn’t collapse inward. Return to the standing position, keeping your back straight and arms straight out. Start with just two or three squats, and progress to 10 reps on each side.—Events/All-ASICS-News/November-2011/Tips-to-Strengthen-Those-Hips/


I have read a lot about what a joke the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon was, now people are being diagnosed with water born illnesses and they all got water from the aid stations along the course.  What does Competitor (the group that puts these circuses on) have to say?  Well, so far nothing.  No sorry for having 10,000 people to many at the start and probably 20,000 to many at the finish, sorry for poorly stocked aid stations, sorry for the half and full marathons merging and full marathon runners being held up by droves of purple wearing walkers, sorry we ran out of finisher medals and shirts, sorry the post race aid stations ran out of food and beverage.  Can you see why people who ran it are upset?

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