Pictures from Xterra Arizona and Yavapai soccer tournament

I dont know what happened, I had a nice little recap typed up with descriptions of the race, a little bit about the soccer tournament and some other stuff and now it is all gone.  Sometimes I curse WordPress.  How does all of that just disappear?  Oh well, here are the darn pictures.  Stupid internet.


In very short recap, for the race it is a beautiful route with some challenging climbs and fast decents.  I was feeling good until mile 10.5 when my stomach started to feel really strange almost like I had lead weights dropped in it.  Also from mile 2 until almost 4 there was a guy in the front of the pack who was really slow and he would not move over to allow anyone to pass him.  The trail was very narrow through this section, and he had looked back several times so he knew he was holding everyone back.  That alone cost me probably 5 minutes.  Add the stomach issues and I was about 10-15 minutes behind where I thought I would finish as I was running to run, not racing anyone or any thing.  I will do it again.

Prescott was fun, my son reminded me of myself when he started to wax poetic about how it was his last game with coach Josh and how he didn’t get to say goodbye to some of his teammates who played on Saturday but not on Sunday.

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