Today’s run was harder than I anticipated, don’t know if it is from being sick 2 days this week or if the new route to the 303 from my house just has some bad mojo on it. My wife said that it is hard when she runs out there too, so it may be cursed.
Gearing up to run the Harding Hustle 30K on July 7th in California. Excited to run it but the elevation profile scares me. I’ll be ready for it.
Soccer season seemed to end just a few weeks ago, and here I am sitting out in the 100 degree weather trying not to pay much attention to the farce known as club soccer try outs.
Another thing that is telling me that I am getting older, the school year is over again next Thursday. I can remember having this “how can that be” feeling this time last year. You have to maximize your time here each day as who knows when your last will be.


About runfaraz

I am a guy who loves to run marathons, and has been gifted with exceptionally slow genes which makes for mid pack finishes in races. If I don't run I become an unbalanced manic fool, so yes...running is my prozac. I believe that the key to a happy productive life is balance. Balance in all areas of your life. If one area is out of balance, all others go out of balance. Come back often as I love to see the hit counter go up!!! View all posts by runfaraz

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