Pictures from Soulstice

Saddled up with the worlds greatest family at 4:30 am and hit the road to Flag where we went straight to the start with less than an hour to kill. If you know me, preparation is huge and this was way out of the comfort zone for me. I was up in Flagstaff a few weeks prior for the Flagstaff marathon and will be back this Saturday and Sunday for my daughters club soccer games, will also be catching the NAU homecoming football game.
As for the race, I am happy but disappointed with my effort as I ran it, I didn’t race it. Looking back I probably could have finished about 10 minutes faster but what am I going to do now except move on and learn from my effort-or lack of effort.


I don’t know what happened to an earlier edit, I had about 3 paragraphs of a race recap written and now they are no longer here. Very frustrating.  If I can remember what I had written…

First this is probably my favorite race in all of Arizona, and I highly recommend anyone doing it.  It is beautiful, technical but not impossible, and has a great after party.  My problem with this race is that I took it out very (see way too) conservative trying not to crush myself on some of the epic climbs that are early in the race.  That was fine but I fell into the take it easy throughout the race mode and was about 10 minutes slower than I think I should have or could have been. After doing the Flagstaff marathon a few weeks earlier as a run not a race, this was supposed to be the race, but it too turned into a run.  In retrospect that isn’t a bad thing as I fully enjoyed seeing the sights, talking to some of my fellow runners, and enjoying the camaraderie between runners, race support staff, and race management.  This is a well run and organized race.

I would like to say that I am disappointed that I didn’t win anything in the post race raffle.  (joke). SO yes, do this race in the future, as long as your entry doesn’t knock me out from being able to enter!

Anyway, on with the pictures. I need to get a picture of the race shirt and poster, they are both very cool.






Doesn’t really show it here but those Aspens really popped out from the background when I descended this section.












3 minutes slower than last year? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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