More new kicks-Nike 4.0 and more

I was doing a little Black Friday shopping when I came across a pair of Nike Free 4.0 Black Out model.  I really debated about getting these shoes as I have bought a lot of shoes lately and my mileage has decreased greatly.  But since I didn’t get anything else I picked them up.

First impressions are mixed.  They are not as barefoot ready as any free running shoe that I have worn before.  They probably rate a 6.5 on the 1-10 comfort scale right out of the box.  In fact 3 of my toes had areas on the top that were raw and sore after wearing them for just a few hours.  They dont at all feel like they are made to be worn barefoot.  The 3.0 and 5.0 models I have both cradle and fit your foot like a glove, not these.  They also seem to lack the cushiony pillow that frees are known for.  So, my initial ratings are not that great.  I hope that they are like the Asics blurs that became softer with each mile I put on them.  Also, Nike.  If you make a shoe or anything called a Blackout model, shouldn’t it be…I don’t know.  BLACK maybe.  Yes most of the shoe is black but it has a lot of grey and red mixed in.  Here is a pic.

Photo on 12-7-12 at 5.26 PM

My next Black Friday deal was a deal.  The Montrail Rouge Fly.  I almost got these a few months ago when I got the Altra Lone Peak,  and am glad that I got the Altras as they are still my go to trail shoe.  The Rouge Fly was originally $105, marked down to $79.90, then Columbia outlet store had them down to $59.98, then on Black Friday they were half off so I ended up paying $30 for a shoe that is still being sold for the full $105 retail price. I have run in them yet, when trying them on I remembered from my previous research on them that they run small.  They didn’t have my usual size 13 but did have a 14.  I tried the 14 and it fit great.  Tried a 12 and it was way to small.  A size 14 it was. Here they are.

Photo on 12-7-12 at 7.53 PM #2



I have not been doing a lot of running, making a lot of excuses and reasons why I need to sleep in or whatever.  But that is all changing tomorrow morning when I get up and do at least 8 miles.  Last week I went out with my wife and dog for a full moon 5 AM run in the dark and we came across a pack of at least 8 javalenias.  Kind of scary as they can be very aggressive and attack dogs and people, but they are very blind.  Their sense of smell and sound is very enhanced however.  So as they looked around knowing we were there but not who or what we were I tossed a rock at them and they scattered.  We still didn’t go that way as who knows where they went to hide and regroup.  Scary but cool.

I plan in February to do the Sedona half marathon, maybe the full if I feel perky.  A 30 K in January and a 50K in February.  Besides those I need to get some more races lined up.









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