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yes indeed, it was another day of academics and track practice. i did my normal routine of attending school and practice, i usually just go through the motions lackadiasically for at my school practice; but then i go workout with my personal coach and practice balls to the wall.

typically, practice with my personal coach includes a brief speech of physical motivation. contents in the speech are geared towards motivating me physically before practice begins. after practice concludes, he usually gives me a prolonged speech of mental motivation. these are to get me mentally motivated through recovery and until the next workout. well, today was one of, if not the BEST speeches/lectures that i have ever heard.

coach told me the story of “Secretariat”, the racehorse.
when coach was a young boy, his father used to take him to watch Secretariat win races. Secretariat was a beast, he set many world records that still stand to this very day.
he is noted as the greatest racehorse of all time, AND THE GREATEST NON-HUMAN ATHLETE OF ALL TIME.

his performance was so phenomenal, after he passed away from laminitis, several physiologists and surgeons wanted to disect him to find out what made him such a physiological beast. so, they took out the scalpel, and went to work. they had just bearly made the incision of fur when they noticed that his intestines were MASSIVE.
his lungs, liver, kidneys, and most of all the heart, was 4x larger than any other horses intestinse are supposed to be. the great size of his lungs were enough to easily enable him to win several kentucky derby races and set world records, but HIS HEART WAS ALSO LARGER BECAUSE HE HAD MORE DESIRE AND PASSION TO WIN.

we all know that some athletes must have an enlarged lung capacity, such as alan webb to pump out those 58 second quarters as a highschooler, or my personal favorite, Paul Tergat, to run 26.2 miles at a 450 pace per mile. they are both physiological phenomenons, very similar to what Secretariat was.

those runners have larger intestines than other humans, which enables them to run so fast. but Secretariat was physiological proof that a LARGE HEART MEANS MORE DESIRE TO WIN. HE HAD MORE HEART, AND HE WANTED IT MORE THAN ANY OTHER HORSE.

in conclusion, i was very mentally inspired.
i was encouraged and inspired to have more heart that my opponents, because we have proof that was what Secretariats strategy was. long live Secretariat and his overwellming mentallity, heart, desire, and passion for the sport!!

mentallity > physicallity.”

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