A lot of new running related stuff 6-25-2013

I got up today and went out the door to run in an effortless way, a way that hasn’t happened in quite some time.  I don’t know why I have been having such a difficult time getting my ass out the door and running in the mornings.  I love running first thing in the day, and I  can’t get 2 runs done in a day if I don’t get the early AM run done. I did just under 5 miles and my legs felt really good despite a slight twinge in my hammys.  A few times my lungs were telling me to slow it down or even walk, I never walked but did slow my stroll and before I knew it I was back at the previous pace and feeling good.  I think that I am right around the corner from being where I want to be with my runs. Despite that I think that I will finally be hiring an online training coach in the next few weeks.  Talked it over with my wife and I think that the expense will be worth it.

Got home and loaded up the GPS data to Strava and TrainingPeaks.  I really like TrainingPeaks and like how training programs can be purchased and loaded, but for some reason it all looks very confusing when I have my dashboard up.  Too complicated appearing.  I know that if I would take the time and set it up as it should be and took time to track my food intake it would be a great training tool.    Felt good at work all day and as soon as I get off of the computer I will hit some stretching and do some of the power yoga I found on the Apple TV podcasts.  I really like the updates to Apple TV and if they would just add a few more things I like I might consider ditching satellite TV to see if I could survive without it.

I have finalized my race (run) schedule for the rest of the year, one targeted race per month including Soulstice and the Flagstaff marathon in Flagstaff, and ending the year with a 50K both November and December.

Here is a trailer for a new running movie with ultra runnings newest movie start Tony Krupicka.  How many movies have been made in the last 5 years where has he been in it or it has  been about him?  I wish that I could run half as much as he does.


The Chicago Marathon put out some training plans along with Nike (the evil empire) that are surprisingly very good and far from cookie cutter.  Here is one (click to see it) ->2013_lead

That is about it for now, here are some pictures related to running and what not.










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I am a guy who loves to run marathons, and has been gifted with exceptionally slow genes which makes for mid pack finishes in races. If I don't run I become an unbalanced manic fool, so yes...running is my prozac. I believe that the key to a happy productive life is balance. Balance in all areas of your life. If one area is out of balance, all others go out of balance. Come back often as I love to see the hit counter go up!!! View all posts by runfaraz

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