Picture Thursday…or something like that.

So far I am surviving training through a Phoenix summer.  The volume isnt where I want it to be but the intensity is coming along nicely.  I will never be fast, but I am discovering that if I train properly -including running S   L    O   W  on slow days I have more top end speed on longer runs.  I really need to look more in depth to my proper heart rate zones as the movescount software I use with my Suunto Ambit says I am working way to hard almost every run, while Training Peaks says that I am working too hard some of the time but hitting my zones fairly often.

It is now 7 weeks and counting for the Flagstaff marathon.  I am looking forward to it but need to start hitting large weekend volume.  Starting this weekend I will get up at 4:30 to beat the heat on a 2-3 hour run if need be. Still looking to get a room for Saturday night at the Drury hotel in Flagstaff, anyone have a hook up?  After that great run it is only 4 weeks until my favorite run, Soulstice Mountain.  Good times ahead. Then comes November and December, where I am aspiring to run a 50k each month.  Things keep going well I will hit them both no problems.  I just hope that my daughters soccer schedule works well with my training/racing schedule.

And, here are the pictures.  Enjoy.

A neat way to keep track of hydration.

A neat way to keep track of hydration.








This I Believe  <— a good little article related to getting the most out of your training and running.  Take a peak.

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