I wrote this a few weeks ago…

But I have not found the time to post it. Am I really that busy? No, but I have been really trying to make family and other important commitments a priority and getting everything else done around what is truly important. So a little late but here it is.

So here I am, the week of the Flagstaff marathon and I am feeling pretty good about how my training has gone so far. I am signed up for the half, but my 19 mile run 2 weeks ago felt so good (although slow) and the 15.5 I ran yesterday felt hard but was at the same pace as the 19 miler a week prior. What does that mean in terms of the race coming up? I don’t know, but what I do know is that if my legs rebound well this week and I am able to keep my nutrition, hydration, sleep and training (easy) where they should be I might ask to move up to the full marathon at packet pick up. I know running at 8000+ feet with all of that climbing will be hard enough for the half but I just may feel sporty and go for the full. My daughter has a soccer tournament game Saturday morning, and I will miss that but her next game isn’t until 5:20 so I will be there even if I walk the marathon.
I love Flagstaff and often think that I made a mistake moving back down to the Phoenix area, but I know that everything happens for a reason and if it is meant for my family and I to move to Flagstaff it will happen.
I got a new pair of running shoes, Asics Gel Nimbus super high visibility version (or whatever they are really called).


I have only 1 real long run in them so far and I really like them but the ends of my longer toes were feeling a bit numb when I finished. I am hoping that is due to the socks or something else.
I think that I am going to pack Wednesday to give me an extra day to remember what I have forgotten as I forget something every time I go run. It just dawned on me, I haven’t written up about my exploits running in Tucson have I? I better get on that one.
My daughter and her soccer team played their first league game last Saturday and there were a lot of emotions for players and parents. The team they played picked up 4 players that were on my daughter’s team last year and their coach was a trainer/assistant coach for my daughter’s team last year. The defectors left thinking that the team was not going to be any good this year so they left to go to Sereno Elite 00. My daughter’s team won 2-0 but the score does not indicate how badly Sereno was dominated. I know it’s my daughter’s team but Sereno had zero shots first half and 2 what I guess you could call shots in the second half-neither was on goal. It was very satisfying to look across the field at the other coach after he said that my daughter would at best be a substitute on his team-she played over 80% of the minutes and shut down all attempted attacks down the right side of the field and had a little attitude to boot. I found out afterwards from a few sources that their coach yelled at his players that he wanted to see who was going to “be big enough to take out” my daughter. We aren’t scheduled to play them again and they will get demoted to the lower division at mid-season but we may see them on the fields and I will let him know that I don’t appreciate that.

Update.  Ok, so how was Flagstaff?  I finished the half marathon 9 minutes and 30 seconds faster than I did last year even with the last 4 or so miles kicking my ass.  That shows me that my training is paying off and if I would have been a little more ready for the race who knows how much faster I could have finished.  My daughters soccer team took the under 14 championship by beating the Flagstaff team 5-1.  For the tournament they outscored their opposition 19-3 (Proud defender dad).  I was able to go and drop a little money at Run Flagstaff, I really like that store.  Friendly and not pushy staff and a pretty decent selection of merchandise, especially nutrition.  I was surprised by how many products they had that I just had to stock up on.

Now I have Soulstice Mountain run on my radar, and after that 50K’s in both November and December.  Hopefully I can keep up the decent training then hit a 50 mile run in March or April.   I was selected to get a free training program from the fellas who wrote Run the Edge.  It is their Level up Training program.  I will be using it as part of my training once I get past the 50K, it looks like a great program with a lot to offer.  Check it out if you get a second.  It is worth your time.

I am really sad that Breaking Bad is over.  I have slowly been watching the last 3 episodes, I am now down to just the last one but I cant bring myself to watch it although I think I know where the story is headed and I am not sure I like that.  I have always recorded the episodes and watched 3-4 at a time like a movie but I cant pul the trigger on this last one.

Hey, what would a post be without pictures.  Here are some pictures from Flagstaff and other places.  Enjoy.



How am I supposed to finish the race then?












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