Rainy Sunday… AKA running in the rain (or not)

This weekend I am doing a cut down long run (pre-taper) of about 14-16 miles depending on how my legs feel.  I decided against yesterday as it was forecast to rain all day.  The rain ended around 9:00 AM and I was engaged in other domestic duties (getting christmas lights out and prepared to hang, laundry, cleaning) and I made plans for my family to spend the afternoon and evening with my mother, so the run didn’t happen yesterday.  There was a forecast of no rain today so when I got up about an hour ago I expected to be putting on my colder weather gear and hit the road.  Guess what…it is raining.  I know I am a soft ass runner if I don’t get out in the elements and prove my worth and mettle as a running maven (Run the Edge reference) but it is supposed to taper away by mid morning so I can head out then.  Might miss some early football but that is ok.

Yesterday Colorado mens cross country won the NCAA National Championship and Good old Northern Arizona university took second.  I was really happy for both as they are my 2 favorite running schools but I would have really liked to have seen NAU win it all.  They were in first place at the midway point but they didn’t have it at the end where it counted.  Congrats and props to the Buffs.

Christian Thompson

ndwtd204r2n5ofvsYesterday I passed on a pair of Mizuno evo Levitas shoes that were marked down to $35.  I don’t know why I passed as I usually can’t pass a bargain but I did.  I read a bunch of reviews this morning and think that I will be headed back up to Marshals this morning hoping to snag them.  They only had one size 13.

Here are some obligatory pictures.  Enjoy.




The wallpaper on my iPhone.

BZHB30WCEAA0_On.jpg-large picket_sign_online

Me again, I like the picture ok?

Me again, I like the picture ok?


Flagstaff Arizona

Flagstaff Arizona

Best touchdown celebration of the year.  Saturday Night Fever style.

Best touchdown celebration of the year. Saturday Night Fever style.


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