First DNF

Went out to run the Elephant Mountain 35K and knew from the start that it was not a good day. Every breath and stride was labored and heavy. I never got in a rhythm and at the halfway turn around I felt like tossing cookies. It was the wurst race I have ever had. Thankfully the race director was driving back and was nice enough to give my sweaty, stinky self a ride back. I was really upset, disappointed and embarrassed to get a DNF after 10 years of slow but fruitful races. At least I got some nice pictures.










20140301-200800.jpg how I felt at the turn around

About runfaraz

I am a guy who loves to run marathons, and has been gifted with exceptionally slow genes which makes for mid pack finishes in races. If I don't run I become an unbalanced manic fool, so yes...running is my prozac. I believe that the key to a happy productive life is balance. Balance in all areas of your life. If one area is out of balance, all others go out of balance. Come back often as I love to see the hit counter go up!!! View all posts by runfaraz

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