Stepping out and writing my story.

Things at my work have been in upheaval for the past few months, we have pretty much been placed in a bag and shaken with the parts falling where they may.  Long story short, my supervisors and friends to boot were performing a task that some people felt violated policy and even law.  They were placed on leave pending an investigation and those of us who were left have been trying to wade through the much ever since.  For the past few months I have dreaded going to work feeling like it was the worst task I could have.  In fact I was looking forward to missing work to go to the dentist to have my teeth worked on a few times in the past few weeks.

Fast forward to the last few weeks there has been some direction and light shed on all of us and instead of taking the “this still sucks” approach I have been looking at this as a new opportunity with great opportunity and possible reward for me.  I am going way outside of my normal comfort levels and applying for jobs well above where I would have imagined in the past.  And you know what?  I get the feel from those who would be doing the hiring that I have a decent shot at getting hired pending the interviews.  I really think that changing my thinking and attitude has made these opportunities possible for me.  Open doors and fresh horizons instead of another disappointment and failed interviews.  2 different worlds.

In many ways I am taking this approach to my physical activities as well.  I am starting to look differently at my running, working out and self care as well.  There is a great big world of opportunity and chance out there and only I can write my own story, and that is what I am setting out to do.   I have to take chances to make chances, and that is not who I am wired to be but it is who I am trying to rewire myself to being.  I am not trying to put the cart in front of the horse or anything, but trying to be realistic and optimistic.  Fingers crossed and positive vibes.  Oh yeah, some yoga too.

And here are the obligatory photos.















Bryan and ASU quarterback Taylor Kelly.

Bryan and ASU quarterback Taylor Kelly.


The tunnel to the ASU locker room. The Tillman tunnel.





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