Sedona May 2014

I an here in my second hometown of Sedona, Arizona with my family for one of our yearly trips where we enjoy getting out of the heat and city for a few days. Didn’t stay a week this time but when we leave tomorrow it will be 4 days which has even nice. I had plans to get a lot of running done while here but it didn’t quite work out as planned due to the Slide Fire. The morning gave been so smoke filled that it is hard to breathe normally let alone while trying to run the hills up here. Plus all of my favorite trails are closed by the US Forest service as a fire precaution. The smoke dissipates in the afternoons and that is when I have been running instead of the mornings. I had plans to run doubles on Saturday and Sunday but I only got a single yesterday and got nothing in today as I spent most of the afternoon with my kids and wife. I did take a swim in the ice cold Oak Creek after running yesterday and that was great. I am going to pray that the smoke umbrella lifts tonight and I can run tomorrow morning before we leave but I am not holding my breath. Fire fighters said that at night the colder air comes down the canyon from Flagstaff and it sits on top of the warmer Sedona air trapping the smoke underneath.
Tried to go eat at our favorite restaurant, The Hideaway, only to find out it is no longer there as the building owner kicked them out to start his own restaurant. What a dick. They had been there since 1978.
We went to Jerome yesterday for a few hours. That is a tripped out town. Tried to go yo the Puscifer store but both times we went up there we found a note in the door saying they were at lunch. Oh well. I also discovered while up there that the Northern Arizona wines are the favorite drink of Arizona hipsters. I couldn’t believe the angst and cooler-that-you attitudes I could feel through the windows as we walked by. I used to think that I could be a wine drinker but not if I have to act and feel like them. Actually I am becoming less and less of a beer drinker. Don’t like the way I feel after having just a few beers. Yep, I am getting older. 10 days from now I will be in Hawaii for 9 days. I am looking forward to that but nervous about finding places near the resort in Kona to get in 10-15 mile runs. Yeah I know, go run the Ironman route. Maybe. As I sit here on the patio I see the long shadows drifting in across the canyon and it’s tree canopy. Guess that means it is getting close to time for the nightly trip to the pool/hot tub/game room. J always miss leaving here, I think the countless memories if spending so much time here with my grandparents at their house gets to me. Turning on KAZM radio for Wolfman Jack and a quiet enjoyable night. Thanks for reading.




























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