Fall is here

And along with it are the “cooler” temperatures for the desert. Right now we are going about 3-4 degrees over normal highs but our nighttime lows are about 10 degrees higher than normal so the mornings are not as brisk and long sleeve/jacket weather as I would like. It does make for some nice running, but you warm up quickly once the sun starts its daily ascent.
Not sure what is on my running plans right now. There is a nighttime half-marathon on a JW Marriott golf course that looks like fun. A few shorter distance races that would be enjoyable , and if I go with my daughter to California for the Nike Cross championships there is a Lexus half-marathon in Irvine that I ma try to run. My family is singed up to run the Thanksgiving race in Peoria, the real runner in the family (Rylee) and I are signed up for the 10 miler (her longest race ever) and Lyndsey and Bryan are doing the 5K. As always when the milage cranks up my SI joint starts to hurt and I am in the beginning stages of that now so looking at 50K’s is a thought but nothing more until I get the pain in my hip to go away so I can train at longer distances.

I had a fun run through the desert on Tuesday, Veterans Day, and discovered some cool new area that I haven’t gone through yet.  I almost made it to the house that has a cemetery in the back yard, but I knew that I didn’t have it in my legs to make it there and back on that day.  Next time I head out into that nothingness of the desert.

Here is another  of my cheesy GoPro videos I made at the Arizona AIA Cross Country division 2 championships last weekend.  Very happy with how Rylee ran, she finished 48th and right behind the top runner at Greenway.  Much improved over the beginning of the year.

As always here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks.

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