Format flip

This post is a little off topic but I recently discovered that another item from my past that tied me to who I am today have changed and will not be coming back.  2 radio stations that I have listened to for decades have done format flips and gone completed 180’s from where they were.  The first was KDKB in Phoenix that flipped from rock to “alternative” although they sound very pop like to me.  I listened to KDKB since I moved here in 1988.  The second was a bigger surprise as 780 KAZM in Sedona has gone from oldies and 50’s-60’s with programs like Wolfman Jack and Dick Clark has gone ESPN radio.  Why?  This one I just really don’t get other than someone there finally got the ability to convince the powers that a 24/7 sports radio format will work in Sedona, AZ.  I don’t think they will see the benefits in sales of air time that they are hoping for as I am not so convinced this will work for them as sports radio, and crappy ESPN radio is all over the AM dial, even in Northern Arizona where the old KAZM format of music and shows was hard if not impossible to find.  Sedona was and to a large degree still is a retirement area and the oldies music they played hit that demographic nicely.  Now I have to find other alternatives when out of the area and listening online.  I have very fond memories of listening to KAZM as a child with my grandparents when I would go to their home in Sedona for the summers and every Christmas and Spring Break.  I was just starting to play their Christmas programming in my home right before the flip. But it isn’t about me (go buy my own station I guess) and I know that change is inevitable but this one really sucks to me.  Just another lesson in life I guess.  Prepare for change and adapt or be left behind.  Goes for running too doesn’t it?  As we get older our bodies change and become less efficient (often for the good) and our training needs require to be changed or we will be left behind in the results.  Oh well, enough with my pitty party.

I wish each of you who come here and have come here a Happy Holidays and hopefully I will catch some of you on the trails.

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