Vegas soccer tourney 2015

What’s  up good people?  I am trying to get back in the flow of real life after being in Lost Wages Nevada for a soccer tournament my daughters team was in. The tournament itself was ok. Team did…ok. I don’t know what is up with the girls lately but they are getting back in the habit of playing down to the level of their competition. On top of that this is the 3rd “coaches cup” or whatever that promises the attention of 100+ college coaches, mostly D1. Like the last one in Arizona, the Sereno coaches cup. What a joke. You pay double what a regular tournament is to get exposure to college coaches and the only one we saw was from Grand Canyon and that is because the GC director of coaching is my daughters team coach. It is nothing but a big money grab.

We met a childhood idol of mine, Pete Rose. Pretty cool. even if you don’t like him I do.

A few things I noticed about Las Vegas.  Their traffic lights are a total joke.  I thought it was a scam set up by the taxi companies to get more money from tourists going down the strip-wait time-but it is the same out of the strip area. People of Vegas, 90 seconds for a stoplight to change is a joke.

Pine tress.  I was very surprised to see so many pine trees in Vegas.  Almost 1 for every palm tree.

Apartments.  There must be a huge transient population in Las Vegas because large apartment complexes are everywhere.

Finally, Panda Express.  Is there one in every strip mall and every 5th street corner in town?  It is crazy.  There are also a lot of Asian restaurants there so the Las Vegasians must really love them some wontons and Kung Pao.

Anyway here are some pictures from along the way.


IMG_3822 tumblr_nje27jjJ5q1sp0w9lo1_500










IMG_3822 IMG_3779




The 100 yard long basketball courts.  WTF?

The 100 yard long basketball courts. WTF?

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