So I am supposed to put information here that is “about” me. Ok. I am a husband, father, runner (very slow runner), craft beer loving, introverted, Denver Broncomaniac. Member of Team Wheaties Fuel. I now find running the trails much more interesting and fun than the streets or tracks. I also like to share pictures and videos I find funny.

2 responses to “About

  • irun4boston

    fellow runner here training for a half marathon. Just starting up w/ my site. Join if you can

  • Sof Sole


    I hope this finds you well. I work with Sof Sole (www.sofsole.com) and I am looking for runners like you to try out some of our new products and offer reviews for us via your blog. Many runners tend to forget the importance of proper insoles and socks when training, that is why I believe our Sof Sole products would be perfect for you!

    There are no gimmicks or strings attached, just send me your shoe size and mailing address and I’ll send some of our latest products to you (or if you have a special request for a product on our website, just let me know -you know what would help your running better than I would :o). We are dedicated to improving and adjusting our products for the needs of our clients. Getting customer feedback like this is one of the best ways for us to keep our products in check.

    If you are interested in receiving any of our products, please e-mail me back at whitney@genmp.com

    Happy Trails,

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