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Been a while since I posted anything here, especially anything if value. 

I started using a Ketogenic diet mixed in to my workout regimens to see if I can get over this hump and finally lose the 25 or so pounds I need to in order to get my running weight back to where it was when I was able to “race” 3 marathons and multiple other events a year. I feel as if I have been in a rut the last few years with running and hopefully this will be the catalyst to get me back to more time training than on the couch. Being fat adapted sounds like a great way to train and compete if done right and I will attempt to capture and chronicle my path on here. 

I started on June 12th after returning from a racing weekend in Flagstaff where I actually felt great racing until the last mile of the 8.5 mile course. I haven’t weighed myself in 2 days but at my last weigh in I had dropped almost 7 pounds in just over a week. I feel much better, more alert and clear headed than I have in a long time. I think I might be on to something here. 

Eating this way can be a challenge but I think as it goes on my wife and I (she is doing it too) will be able to adapt well. Who knew using grilled zucchini as a pizza crust would taste good? 

So that is where I am at. Hitting the gym for weights and cranking on the stair climber, dieting and *gasp* thinking of trying out the crossfit gym my daughter has been going to. I have to say this facility (refuse to call it a box) breaks most crossfit stereotypes. Friendly, beginners welcome, and no cult like feel that I have seen at other gyms. Proud of what they accomplish and who they are, yes. Making that the center of their universe I haven’t seen yet. We will see, 1st week free! 

What’s a post without pictures? 

Bolder Boulder and more 

I finally ran the BB10K, went to the Broncos stadium for a behind the scenes tour and got in 3 hours early for a Rockies game. The Rooftop is really a great place to hang out before the game for $3 coors light or $6 craft beers until the first pitch. Get your drink on. We also visited the national wildlife preserve. A week long vacation gone by way to fast. We will be back for either training camp or a regular season game. 

I am getting the pictures uploaded and whatnot and will add more details later. The race was quite and experience and something I hope to make a tradition running again with my daughter and hopefully wife and son. 

Colorado Native is a good “craft beer” from a major brewery. 

Track pictures

A few pictures from my kids recent track meets and some of my runs.  


this guy would not put his umbrella down even after meet officials asked him to. eventually his friends convinced him.


Super Bowl champions

Wow, I didn’t think this was the Denver Broncos year this season. It has been a crazy one for sure. I guess what this team showed was that you can reach the top in unconventional and in nontraditional ways. They didn’t need a high powered offense, just double digit scoring and set the defense free. I am really happy for my kids as my son cried after the Broncos lost to the Seahawks 2 years ago. This was great for Broncos fans everywhere.  Puppymonkeybaby 



National championship

I took a little trip due. To West Glendale last night, I was given (bought) 2 tickets to the national championship college football game from my mother in law.  Went down with my son and I do t know what it was but this was the most well organized and run event j have ever been to there. 

The big takeaway I had was the atmosphere. Yes it was the national championship and Alabama and Clemson were playing for all the marbles but for my first SEC or ACC game I felt like I was transported into years of CBS Saturday college football. Very surreal. The fans were so passionate on both sides but not in a brash or attitudy way like I have seen at so many other sporting events. I give big props to the fans of both teams (West Virginia fans too for that matter at the Cactus Bowl). 

In short it was an amazing experience that I will have with my son forever. And too the Clemsin girls who were sitting next to me I am sorry your team lost. There is always next year. Thanks section 435 row 11 people!  


Sedona running

I have been in Sedona for the last week enjoying the cold weather and the trails while relaxing away from work. I didn’t even bring my work phone up here with me as I know I would look at emails and get sucked in. 

What I haven’t liked so much up here is the incredible traffic, going anywhere in this town between noon and 6 PM is a joke. And whoever decided that multiple roundabouts in a tourist town was a good idea needs to be flogged. I have been almost sideswiped multiple times this week. Idiots. 

I did go to Harkins theaters with my son and we saw Star Wars. Pretty good time for the 2 of us. 

I haven’t gotten in as much running as I would like. In fact I have only gone a handful of times and haven’t gone today, the last day of the year. I will probably get out for at least a 30 minute run this afternoon. 
Here are some pictures from the runs I did get to. Brins Mesa has always been a favorite. 


Arizona Youth soccer

I saw this posted on Yahoo and had to copy it as I think it is so spot on.  The writer is right that there are way to many clubs in Arizona and the ECNL teams fighting over players as that is revenue instead of doing hat is best for Arizona soccer and only having one team.  Both of those teams mentioned below (I think) are watered down and should be one team, without a roster of 25 and only have the best players represent Arizona.  This goes for the boys and girls teams, limit how many teams one club can have, maybe a total of 10-12 boys and girls teams through state level competition maximum. There are players on one of the ECNL teams who were marginal players on my kids club team the last few years. Heck one player who made the ODP team was a “last 3 on one of my kids teams, but if you want to pay the fees and do all of that travel to play 10 minutes so you can boast your kid plays on that team, more power to you.  It isn’t all about talent, it is about handing over that check.

If they want to make an impact in player development they need to cap the club teams based on population of players. In Arizona club teams have popped up everywhere for one purpose, making $$$. Thus players go to different teams as they perceive starting on a clubs top team is better than being a bench player on another team so what has happened is there is so much parody in general that all teams have similar records, no real standout teams are present and development stalls. Year to year these parents switch what teams their kid is on in the “grass is greener” mindset,then discover it is the desert- and they switch again.
There are 2 ECNL teams for the under 16 girls age group, they both lose or tie to state level teams and struggle out of state-thus the top talent is not on those teams. Consolidate these teams to half of what is out there and then they can compete against the California, Texas and Eastern teams.
If coached correctly headers are minimal impact to the head, players aren’t ready to head a ball coming in at 70+ miles per hour, shouldn’t be at that level.”

Headers, yeah good coaching can help that.

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