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Mashup of the week

Mashup Germany – Can’t hold Superfreakz


Video Friday, brought to you by the band Tool. Or something like that.

This is a great video that has my favorite Tool song ever, Reflection.  Sit back, clear your mind, and enjoy.


Accents can be a funny thing.

I could watch this over and over. I guess I already have, but I can watch it over and over again.


Where do you go for “silence”, and more thoughts from my head.

Yoga, headphones with music to drown out the other noise? Dark bedroom? I like where this guy goes.



I will be running the Xterra Black Canyon half marathon on Sunday.  I should get some silence there.  I hear that the main stream crossing was mid thigh earlier this week.  That could get interesting, but I am guessing it has subsided a good deal since then.


Have you wondered about the effect (or is it affect) of caffeine on endurance sports?  Apparently you don’t need to worry about becoming dehydrated, unless you drink a lot of it daily. Click here to read more.


I started using Spirulina this week to see how it effects (or is it affects) my endurance activities.  Its very early in, but initial thoughts are that this stuff works.



Best mash up in a long time

As the Iron Sheik would say, it is the real.



And since Eddie played guitar for both songs, it was meant to work.

Video of the week

Thursday workout with TRX

Ok, I will do part of it but not all.  This lady is in beast mode.


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