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Open those hips!

I have found through a lot of physical therapists office visits and talking to other runners that a big issue for runners is having hips that are flexible and can “open up”.  This video does a good job of showing yoga techniques to help in that area.  Enjoy!

New Year = new____?

I guess I am a bit late in joining the new years resolution train.  Really I don’t like making resolutions as I generally forget about them within a few days,  but since I will be posting mine up here for the world to see (BTW…why are so many people hitting my page from Pakistan in the past few weeks?) I will have more motivation to keep with it.

So in no particular order here I go.

Run in at least 10 races this year.  I will target 3 or 4 as goal races, the rest will be for training and to get reconnected to the running community.

Be more involved with getting my family fit.  My wife runs, and daughter plays a lot of soccer, but I want to take it up a bit.  Going for hikes as often as we can, biking to the store instead of taking the car, getting my daughter more involved with running, and getting my indoor loving son out playing more sports.  With Miles the dog nearing 12 months old, pretty soon he will be able to join us in running, which Ridgebacks were made to do.

Eat better.  I say this all the time, but it is so much easier to pick up something from the drive thru, or throw a frozen meal in the microwave.  This resolution will make huge changes in my mood and training ability.

Keep doing yoga, and specific strength exercises for my hip.  ‘Nuff said.

Be more focused at work.  Wont go into detail on that here.  My dark little secret. (I am very deep and complex!)

Spend more quality time with the wife.  She likes touring microbreweries…doesn’t she?

Ok, I don’t want to put to much on my plate and set myself up for ultimate failure, so I will end it there.  If I could add a few to a subcategory it would be look for opportunities to move to Colorado or the Northwest.  Get to 10% bodyfat.  Only get coffee when I need it, break that habit.  And oh yeah, brew my own beer.  Oh, and FINALLY get the flame tattoos on my lower legs.
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I Need inspiration

I haven’t been posting much lately as I have been going through the roller coaster of training devotion and inspiration which gets me feeling depressed and down on myself for not sticking with it.  When I have run I usually feel great for completing the run, however I have been using my hip as a bit of a crutch, sure some days it hurts like hell, but other days it is sore and would probably benefit from a good run at a slower pace.  That is another part of my problem.  Psychologically the slower paces I have been running make me feel…well…slow.  Not that I am a burner or anything but being slower than my normal slow self isn’t sitting very well right now.

A few weeks ago I was also complaining about the heat.  It is still flippin’ hot here (91 degrees today, the normal temperature is 77) but the mornings are great and so are the evenings once the sun starts to go down.  I am just not feeling it right now.  I think what I need to do is go run a race and get the juices flowing again.  Have that desire to wake up in the morning and feel that muscle fatigue way down in the muscles, several inches below the surface. You know that feeling when you are pushing the most miles you have ever run in a week, you are sore and tired, but the only thing you want to do is lace them up and go for a 10 miler.  I miss those days.  I want them back.  I know I am getting older, but I can also be getting smarter.  Instead I am becoming more cynical.

So, here is some quick inspiration.  I saw a thread on a message board today about a kid in South Carolina who won the state cross country meet wearing which state of the art running shoes?  Maybe a pair of the newest, lightest  trainers, or perhaps some type of shoe that is designed to support his gait and stride type?  Nope.  Dude straight up wore his Air Jordans.  Don’t believe me, here is the picture.

Cool hunh?  Class 1A champ Chad Hampton.  Results are here –

This video usually does its job to inspire me.

But most of all I should be able to find inspiration in the veterans who have given their lives to protect and provide this country to me, to you, and to all Americans.  Think of the kids who don’t have their dad or mom at home this holiday season, and the ones who will never have them at home again-those who gave it all so to speak.  When I want to whine and be lazy I need to think of those people.  I didn’t intend for this post to go in this direction, I was just trying to clear my head and find a way to get my lazy arse to change and go run.  But with all that has happened in Texas this week and seeing all of the veterans at my kids school for the assembly today it got me thining.

Anyway…I think it is a great time to go for a run.  What do you think?
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Yoga for runners

I like a lot of what she says and does in here, it is a lot like what is in the Runners Yoga book I use.  Try it, you might like it!

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