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Bolder Boulder and more 

I finally ran the BB10K, went to the Broncos stadium for a behind the scenes tour and got in 3 hours early for a Rockies game. The Rooftop is really a great place to hang out before the game for $3 coors light or $6 craft beers until the first pitch. Get your drink on. We also visited the national wildlife preserve. A week long vacation gone by way to fast. We will be back for either training camp or a regular season game. 

I am getting the pictures uploaded and whatnot and will add more details later. The race was quite and experience and something I hope to make a tradition running again with my daughter and hopefully wife and son. 

Colorado Native is a good “craft beer” from a major brewery. 

2010 Bolder Boulder

This is one race that I have yet to do, but have on my list of must do races.  When I lived in the area I was far from a runner and this was one of the last things I ever wanted to go and do, but now…I MUST RUN THIS RACE!  50,000 fellow runners having a blast in Boulder.  The video below is by far the best recap of the event I could find anywhere.  Enjoy!

P.S.  My training for the Denver Marathon started last Thursday and I am very sore already, but it will make me a stronger and faster runner come 5280 feet of altitude in October.

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