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Still doing keto

I haven't had many updated lately regarding my health and diet. I was very slowly losing weight the past few weeks almost to a pounds a week which I know I should be happy with but I wasnt. My strength gains in the gym were there and i kept being told to ignore the scale but being hard headed I didn't. Then in the last few days alone I dropped 3 pounds and got under the 220 pounds mark. 15 pounds lost total and 19 away from my goal then I will start to focus on lean mass building. I am guessing I have put on a few pounds (?) If muscle during this experience as well based on my strength and physique coming together. Love handles are almost gone, I get some veins in my arms and legs when lifting I want the veins to be there when not lifting which requires a very low body fat.
Eating it has been more if a challenge than I anticipated. I have fallen in line with lettuce wrapped bacon double cheeseburger with avocado. After not eating red meat for around 20 years this has been a pleasant surprise. I am even planning to have a steak this weekend.
Nutrition science goes back and forth so much that I may be back on the no red meat wagon again in a few months but I doubt it. I am a firm believer that weight gain and increases in fast are from carbohydrates and sugar has had a grip on my well being and performance forever.
I plan to start ramping up my running mileage in about 3 weeks and carry that into the late fall/winter mArizona racing season.

Weekly pictures.

Robin Williams, wow. Money, fame, everything you could ever want and quite often that isn’t what is really needed.











I realized that I had a few stray pictures sitting on my iMac desktop that I had not entered here so here they are…(Ryan Seacrest voice) right after this!

My ankle is still pretty swollen and tender, I am having serious doubts about being able to do the 50K in November, but who knows stranger things have happened.  What is starting to bother me is the swelling has not gone down for a few days and now I am starting to get a soreness in my Achilles.  Hopefully that is a general soreness due to the pull and overuse due to my new gangster lean as I walk. And my ribs, oh man they probably hurt worse than anything.  Bruised, broken?  I wouldn’t know as I dont go to the doctor!  I was able to get a decent 30 minute run completed on my treadmill on Thursday, if I feel ok I might try an hour or so this afternoon.  Ok, pictures…


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Me finishing Soulstice with a gimped up lower leg.

Me finishing Soulstice with a gimped up lower leg.

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New running related pictures

The title says it all.tumblr_m57jufIqRq1qavrxlo1_500 tumblr_m79vpx5BdN1qg2itgo1_500 The-Best-Way-For-A-Woman-To-Attract-A-Man- 317923_483556278349454_1273792633_n 540893_509244405780641_1455446182_n 625539_4869028038201_604746380_n jan_2013_raverun_1920x1200 179753_532359906809443_1569550435_n 65911_486403418088778_923909757_n 12959_10151460718333588_645657459_n BETuO1yCMAA32NH.jpg-large

At this rate I might as well make this a Tumblr blog with all of the photos.  I am excited to be going back up to Flagstaff next Friday to run the Soulstice Mountain long course again.  I am determined to be faster than I was last year (like that should be hard).  Anyway, it is getting late as I need to go eat and get ready to run tomorrow.  Enjoy the picture show.


Pictures from the Flagstaff marathon








Hey there

It has once again been a while since I have been posting here.  Things have been busy at home and work, but the new WP app makes it very easy to post new content so I may start trying it.

I interviewed for a promotion at work which would make me a supervisor of a unit that basically reviews the work of others throughout the state and approves the work or sends it back for follow up work.  I feel good about my chances but not counting my eggs before they hatch.

Home has been busy with school starting up again as well as soccer and football is right around the corner.  My running has been hit or miss as I dont get every day to run.  I went for an afternoon run today when it was 104 and it felt much hotter with the ambient heat from the volcanic rock that lines the trails. Here is a 360 panoramic I took at the top.

I am going to sign up for the Flagstaff trail marathon as my daughter has a soccer tournament up there the same weekend!  That works perfectly, unless I miss an early game when running.  I am going to try and hit a few of my favorite brew pubs while up there.

I see from the stat tool that the site is getting a lot of hits for the pictures, so as not to disappoint here you go.  Some of my recent favorites.

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