Apple watch…finally

i was lucky enough to have a ride who was “ok” with me dropping a lot of money on an Apple watch. Basically a several hundred dollar accessory. After weeks of waiting I started to get emails saying the delivery date was moving up. Then a week before Father’s Day it arrived so it ended up being my Father’s Day present which was fine by me. The packaging was pretty amazing. Very first class in my opinion. It took me a little while to get it set up the way I like it but now it has become my daily accessory. Even have it dialed in for my running without the phone and get pretty accurate measurements.  


Stainless steel with the sport band. I am also getting the metal link band. 

Pictures of the last month. 

My house flooded from the fire sprinklers, state track and more crap.  

Fun stuff those floods. Ruined all furniture, flooring, electronics and more. At least insurance is covering it. 















Track season is coming to a close

its been a good freshman season for my daughter. Her mile has gone down over 45 seconds from the start of the season now down to 5:39. Her 2 mile best is 12:20. Makes me as a turtle runner jealous. I have no idea where she gets her speed from. I am trying to get her off the track and on to the trails but she hates hills from cross country. 

Update: today in the last meet of the year, my daughters 4×800 team won the meet and finally qualified for state. Now to see if she can get in for the 1600 or 3200. 


Vegas soccer tourney 2015

What’s  up good people?  I am trying to get back in the flow of real life after being in Lost Wages Nevada for a soccer tournament my daughters team was in. The tournament itself was ok. Team did…ok. I don’t know what is up with the girls lately but they are getting back in the habit of playing down to the level of their competition. On top of that this is the 3rd “coaches cup” or whatever that promises the attention of 100+ college coaches, mostly D1. Like the last one in Arizona, the Sereno coaches cup. What a joke. You pay double what a regular tournament is to get exposure to college coaches and the only one we saw was from Grand Canyon and that is because the GC director of coaching is my daughters team coach. It is nothing but a big money grab.

We met a childhood idol of mine, Pete Rose. Pretty cool. even if you don’t like him I do.

A few things I noticed about Las Vegas.  Their traffic lights are a total joke.  I thought it was a scam set up by the taxi companies to get more money from tourists going down the strip-wait time-but it is the same out of the strip area. People of Vegas, 90 seconds for a stoplight to change is a joke.

Pine tress.  I was very surprised to see so many pine trees in Vegas.  Almost 1 for every palm tree.

Apartments.  There must be a huge transient population in Las Vegas because large apartment complexes are everywhere.

Finally, Panda Express.  Is there one in every strip mall and every 5th street corner in town?  It is crazy.  There are also a lot of Asian restaurants there so the Las Vegasians must really love them some wontons and Kung Pao.

Anyway here are some pictures from along the way.


IMG_3822 tumblr_nje27jjJ5q1sp0w9lo1_500










IMG_3822 IMG_3779




The 100 yard long basketball courts.  WTF?

The 100 yard long basketball courts. WTF?

Happy birthday grandma

Today would have been my grandmothers 93rd birthday, however she left to go home with my grandfather a little over 2 years ago. I hope she knows how important she was to everyone in the family and how much she (and grandpa) are missed.

With that here are this weeks pictures that I found enjoyable.

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Pro bowl 2015, or Team Carter vs. Team Irvin

I have been sick for over a week now and have not been able to run at all, but good enough for work (sad face) so when this opportunity came up it raised my spirits. On Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to go to the Pro Bowl Practice that was being held at Luke Air Force Base as my brother-in-law is active military there. It was a really pretty cool experience being that close to the players while they went through “practice” it was a training camp feel.  My son was lucky enough to get over 20 autographs from players in clouding Hall of Famer and team captain Chris Carter.  Team Carter was very good about signing autographs and interacting with the fans, we were about 4 feet away from getting Andrew Lucks autograph when the horn sounded and the players had to leave, but he did get a bunch of great players including Drew Brees, Devin Hester, Jordy Nelson, Ryan Clady, Andy Dalton, Sam Shields, AJ Green, and several others who I can’t remember right now. JJ Watt was there but he was pretty true to what I have red about him in that he doesn’t like to sign autographs but he will interact with the fans.   Them Irvin had a different agenda. They ran a much more “real” practice and when it was over half of their team went straight to the busses including Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Jason Whitten, Matt Stafford and a few of the Broncos.  Then what made it harder to get autographs of those players who did stay was the media.  I think that they were miffed that when Carters practice and autographs ended the players went to the busses and left without much media time.  When Irvin’s practice ended the media swarmed the players preventing them from making it to the sideline where the fans were until after the horn sounded.  A-hole media.

But overall it was a great experience for my son and I, there was free food and drink, the up close experience with the players and quality time with my son.  One of those days we will always remember together.  Pictures, well of course there are!

























































Amish Luck



Jimmy Graham



Broncos players getting it done. Except Von.







Von Miller catching a pass





Work in progress

I really had the best of intentions to run as much as possible as well as spend some time in Northern Arizona during my 15 days off from work, however neither has happened although I have run the last 3 days in a row. I usually falter during the holiday seasons when it comes to my running so I am hoping to get back on track and get back to 35-50 mile weeks to start the new year. Maybe a shot at the Sedona half marathon in 5 weeks. That should be doable.

My family went to the Fiesta Bowl parade a few days ago, fun but cold.  And we got to see a car hit the light rail train at Central Ave and Indian School Road.  Good times. Here are some pictures and another one of my cheesy time lapse videos.

Light Rail vs. auto collision

Light Rail vs. auto collision

Evernote-Camera-Roll-20141229-075722 3 Evernote-Camera-Roll-20141229-075722 Evernote-Camera-Roll-20141229-075721 2 Evernote-Camera-Roll-20141229-075721 4 Evernote-Camera-Roll-20141229-075722 4

But first let me take a nature selfie. Most of these are from the long abandoned Prince Mine in North Peoria (this is actually probably part of the old abandoned Clementine Mine airport, but I have seen the area frequently listed as part of the Prince mine). There used to be a lot more trash but it has been getting cleaned which only means one thing, more residential development way out here in the desert.










Yep, “development” is coming.


Biggest threat to desert runners…urban rednecks and their shotguns.


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